Frequently Asked Questions


Turnaround time is 3-7 days. This excludes weekends and holidays unless otherwise specified. 


Refund Policy

There is a no refund policy. Other accommodations will be offered in place of refunds.



Please be sure to confirm the exact type of reading that aligns with the question(s) you have. If you wish to change the subject of your reading please confirm availability. If you wish to add additional questions or topics pertaining to your reading please confirm availability. If there is a balance for any add-ons reading will not be completed until difference in balance is settled.

Additional Questions

You may ask additional questions within 24 hours of your reading. This is specified to your reading, clarifications on statements made during your reading. This does not include off topic questions.


Recorded Readings

Readings will only be sent out via voice recordings, please ensure to list correct emails and/or phone numbers (iPhones only) for voice recordings.


Timed Recordings

I do not offer readings per will not be able to purchase a 30 min, 40 min, or 60 min reading. My readings last up until spirit stops providing a message. Typically wherever I stop in the reading gives ultimate clarity, If you feel there were questions relevant to the reading that still remain unanswered please utilize the 24 hour grace period for additional questions.


Resonating with your Reading

Please be aware that energy and timing are very fluid. While I would love for readings to always resonate with every client sometimes the message may not make sense for quite some time or even at all. A good thing to remember is to ask your guides for permission to receive messages through me, ask them not to delay you or your messages, ask them not to trick you, and ask them to align you with a reader they trust; show you what reader aligns with you. If you feel like your reading doesn’t resonate for any reason we can discuss a mini reading after timing has passed.


I do not openly confirm pregnancy, health, or timing. I will not predict direct outcomes for legal matters i.e “you will not go to jail”. Please do not book a reading asking specifically for these answers if they flow through in the reading they will be answered for you.



Due to personal issues whether it be my health or someone in my family, work constraints, or low energy there may be delays in turnaround times, you will be notified promptly. You may also experience delays, as spirit may hold your message so that you can seek the answer yourself. If this should occur you will be granted certain accommodations such as additional card pulls or additional time. Please be mindful of this information when initially booking, as you may have a longer than usual wait time.